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Cinema Electronica

A community of DV filmmakers openly discussing art, sharing DV experiences, offering advice, and debating politics, both artistic and global.

Laser Lasso

Here is a place to lose your head, find some thoughts, and if you want, see and buy some images. Jim Laser has sharp eyes and a razor mind. Let him slice you up.


Scott Grunes

Dennis Grunes watches more films in a week than I would do in ten years. And then he writes about them, intelligently, perceptively, concisely. He is an unknown critic's critic, or maybe even better, a filmmaker's critic. If you need a quick survey of real cinema, not the trash down at the cineplex, and some intensive thought about films, check Dennis out. He does review Hollywood when it warrants it.

Rick Schmidt

Rick wrote the book Feature Length Films for Used Car Prices, and has a new, DV version coming out in the coming year. This site is a nice goldmine of all kinds of indie info. Rick does workshops, is available for screenings and such so if interested, contact him.




Erling Wold

Erling composed soundtracks for Sure Fire, The Bed You Sleep In, London Brief, and Homecoming. Samples from these films and from Erling's other works are available at his site for your listening pleasure.


The Belgrade Manifesto (2007)

An on-line manifesto in support of low cost digital media as a counter to institutionalized media production and distribution systems. Sign up.


Film Brain

A film fanatic's blog