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Old news, new news.

Old news is Coming to Terms was shot in August 2012, finished, sent out and has shown at Rotterdam, Jeonju festivals, and will be screening in New York at the Museum of the Moving Image's "First Look" showcase on January 16, 2015. Jon is completing a small tour with the film, having left Butte, Montana, in early October, 2014, and traveling to Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Santa Fe, Lincoln NE, Iowa City and Chicago for screenings.

New news:

In addition to Coming to Terms, two other films have been shot, Canyon (75 mins, 2013), and Bowman Lake (142 mins, 2014). These will be a part of the large essay project, Plain Songs.

For further information on these films see:

Another two new features have been completed in the past year:

They Had It Coming (89 mins, 2014) and Blue Strait (80 mins, 2014). Jon is trying to decide what to do with these - the old model of sending them to festivals has rapidly become a tedious dead-end, a non-productive path, not only for his films but in general.

Jon will be going to Europe to shoot a short film for a friend, actress Eliana Miglio, in Rome, in early December, and then to visit friends before moving on to Nijar, Spain, where he's been asked to do a short 2 and a half week artist's residency - there he'll exhibit watercolors, pastels, some video installation works, and show a handful of films which are subtitled in Spanish or have no language components. This will be up for January 2015, though Jost will return to NYC in mid-January for the screening there.

Jon and Marcella Di Palo will be taking to the road in the USA in mid-February to shoot for the essay film Plain Songs, perhaps for 18 or more months. We're looking for places to stay, new people to meet, screenings and workshops to make a bit of money to help cover the costs. If you can help, contact Jon here

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