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This site has been made to present factual information regarding the work of Jon Jost, but as well it is intended as a place to express thoughts and views which may be of interest to others. While much of it is focused on my work in film, and now in digital video, I have felt free to branch out into other areas, and hope to include a section which will offer essays on varying topics as time and circumstance allows. There will also be a gallery with paintings and photographs.

Included here are descriptions and reviews of my past work, along with my own reflections, now many years later, on these same works. I have tried to include things which might be of interest to film and video makers, students, academics, or others with a deeper interest in film and media (as well as other things).

I include also a section which has the texts of various articles, lectures and other things of that sort. As well I refer via links to other things which I think may be of interest to the reader.

I have deliberately avoided any web-graphic complexity in the interests of fast opening, reading, and downloading for those wishing to copy this. I feel the content I wish to convey has no need for anything but a well-displayed and readable text and still images. As the technology allows I will begin to include clips of films by video streaming.

Works are for sale as indicated, in DVD format. Prices depend on your location, currency, and whether for individual use or institutional; kindly contact me to obtain these. Please take into account that my works are far from commercial in intent, and that the scale of probable sales simply precludes Hollywood-type "economies of scale" which make ten dollar DVDs a possibility for them - but not for me. On the other hand these works offer qualities which, at least for viewers interested and attuned to them, reward multiple viewings and investigation.

By and large I secured no pay while making these works, and have made quite minimal income from subsequent sales of the few that ever found any kind of sale at all. It is my hope that through direct sales on the web that I can both offer my work for palatable prices and make up for lost decades of incomes by making a little money now. Better late than never.

I encourage responses to this site via email, and welcome views on the work from those who have seen it or see it from securing it through the means offered here.


You are welcome to contact me at: [email protected]


Jon Jost's complete work (with the exceptions at the moment of Sure Fire, All the Vermeers in New YorkThe Bed You Sleep In,Frameup and Uno a te ), is being archived by the EYE FILM Institute Netherland, which is the Dutch film archive.  They are in process of preparing K2 digital copies and are keeping all materials in an archival setting.  I am very thankful to them for providing this service which in time should make available good digital copies for screenings and study purposes.  And of course for preserving the work for those who find it worthy of this..