London Brief is an accidental film, the by-product of a trip to London for odds and ends of business. After 2 and a half-days of casual on-the-run shooting while tending to life's chores, I had what I thought was a nice 40 minutes of material. Sent unedited (just selected) to a documentary festival in Yamagata, Japan, they surprised me and asked it into their competition which meant fleshing out to a minimum of 60 minutes. I returned to London for a week, shooting deliberately things I thought would be right to make a kind of portrait of the city - including tourist sites, trading markets, Speaker’s Corner.

1997 | Digital Video | Color | Sound | 91 minutes

Camera, edit, and concept : Jon Jost

Music: Erling Wold

Shown at: Yamagata, 1997; Rotterdam, Pesaro, Osnabruck, others, 1998; Florence docu, Graz architecture and film, 1999.