The Bed Trailer


Set in a small lumber mill town in Oregon, The Bed You Sleep In is an examination of a family facing a crisis - an accusation of deep and profound impact against one of its members. Along the way a portrait is rendered of the town, discreetly revealing its qualities, for better and worse. While doing so in a very oblique and indirect manner, the town and the family are surrogates for the larger community of America and its family of citizens. Moving slowly and stealthily, The Bed You Sleep In lays out its pieces, inviting the viewer to think for themselves. When the accusation arrives, a tragedy ensues, sweeping the family to the abyss.

1993 | 35mm Panavision | Color | Sound | 117 minutes

Writer, director, editor and cinematographer: Jon Jost

Producer: Jon Jost

Music: Erling Wold

With: Tom Blair, Ellen McLaughlin, Kate Sannella, Marshall Gaddis, Thomas Morris, Brad Shelton

Official selection: Berlin, San Francisco, and Sundance Film Festivals





"A tragic, beautiful, and mysterious film that alternates between all-American landscapes (many of them composed as diptychs) and an unraveling nuclear family, this is as evocative and apocalyptic as Jost's cinema gets"

- Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader

"Full of haunting tableaus of the picturesque Pacific Northwest"

- Chicago Tribune

"The potentially intriguing thematic material only barely makes up for a sense of filmmaking self-indulgence after two hours of nothing happening. "

- Scott Renshaw, Apollo Movie Guide