Set in Stanberry, MO., pop 1085, this film is a “story” about story telling. Blake Eckard, who has lived all his life there, tells true stories from his county and town, in an imaginary local bar. Around this is woven a fictional “story” which finds Blake eating dirt at the end. This work is a kind of rural tone-poem, pure Americana.

2015 | Stanberry, MO | HD | Color | Sound | 85 min

Director: Jon Jost

Cinematographer: Jon Jost

Producer: Jon Jost

Editor: Jon Jost

Music: Jon Jost and Sandy Rogers

Script: Blake Eckard and Jon Jost

With: Blake Eckard, Arianne Martin, Frank Mosley, Tyler Messner, Roxanne Rogers

Shown at: JIFF Jeonju S. Korea, May 2015; Arkipel Film Festival, Jakarta Indonesia, August 2015