An essay-documentary of what I suppose most would call an experimental kind. It is meant as an oblique critique of the kind of provincialism in which New Yorkers or Parisians or Angelinos say things like, "Nebraska, there's nothing there" or refer to the American mid-West as "fly-over country." This film is a celebration of the provincialism where there's "nothing." A rich tapestry of color, ideas, and a kind of spirituality. An electronic essay.

2010 | Lincoln, NE | Digital Video | Color | Sound | 74 min

Director: Jon Jost

Cinematographer: Jon Jost

Producer: Jon Jost

Editor: Jon Jost

Assistant editor and sound: Marcella Di Palo

With: Marjorie Mikasen, William Wehrbein, Mark Griep, and the choir of the Eastridge Presbyterian church, Lincoln Nebraska

Festivals: Jeonju, S Korea, May 2010