Slow Moves is a bluesy lyrical romance of two ugly-ducklings who meet on the Golden Gate Bridge and after a brief and awkward courtship, live together with the usual problems of money and work, take flight to an illusory freedom on the road, and dances inexorably to a drab doom. At once funny, grubby, beautiful, lyrical, tragic and sad.

1983 | 16mm | Color | Sound | 93 minutes

Producer, writer, director, editor cinematographer : Jon Jost

With: Marshall Gaddis, Roxanne Rogers, Roger Ruffin, and Barbara Hammes

Shown San Remo, Italy ( Prize Winner) Festival of Author Film, Filmex, London, Newcastle.






"... it is quite serious about demonstrating how the simplest of plots can be visually manipulated into a vehicle of tension and suspense. Technique is layered upon technique, all the while pushing the story forward to its shabby and oddly affecting little conclusion. Slow Moves deserves all the exposure it can get."

- John J. O'Conner, New York Times

"Fascinating, oddly gripping and often visually stunning. It's not unlike a Peter Greenaway mystery translated to the dry dusty heartlands of Malick's Badlands, although here the emphasis is on spiritual paralysis rather than Greenaway's elegant intellectual conceits. Written backwards from its explosive end, the real Slow Moves doesn't actually start until you're leaving the cinema.”

- John Gill, Time Out, London