ROMA - un ritratto

I moved to Rome at the age of fifty, with an empty wallet, and no particular grounds for thinking I could support myself there, but intent on fulfilling a
long-time desire, and impelled, quite consciously, at that age to act before something I had wanted slipped from grasp before it was “too late.” As it
happened, with no particular effort on my part, I met a producer who said he wanted to make a film with me, and in three months I was wrapped up
preparing a film seemingly completely under my terms - no script, to be improvised. The film was Uno a te, uno a me, et uno a Raffaele. It proved
to be a kind of disaster, but of that on another page.

With the arrival of Digital Video, I began shooting at will, with no aims in mind. Living in Rome, naturally I shot there, off the cuff, randomly. Rome
is a place of extraordinary visual richness and depth, of such intensity that the tourist is readily overwhelmed, as is the resident. As in other
such intense environments - say New York, or London, or Mumbai - there exists an auto defense mechanism which tends to close down our vision in the
interests of our own sanity. I tried to resist this, and spent much time simply walking, looking, slowly able to see beyond the immediately obvious,
and to sense the endless layers. I would walk down the same street and suddenly see something I had passed 20 or 30 times before, but had not seen.
Frankly Rome is too rich to even dream of sensing fully in a single life-time - one may only attempt to skim its surface, to address this or
that aspect, but not grasp the whole. Such a place can only induce humility. Roma - un ritratto is but a hint at a larger work, for which I
have much other material, but which would require far more shooting. Should life conspire I hope to return to this work and find a means to amplify on
the suggestions indicated in this work.