ROMA - un ritratto

ROMA is a hastily drawn together documentary/essay on Rome, drawn from a large amount of material collected over two or three years, and put together in haste for an Italian television commission. The material had all been done for myself, but this particular collection of material was drawn together under a deadline and time limitation set by others. As such I feel it is only partly my own expression, done under the gun for other interests, and to make some needed money. As such this work is compromised - while clearly my own in vision, it is not what I would really do with the material, to which I hope sometime to return. But in the meantime it provides a glimpse of Rome - its deep history, its opulent arts, and its sprawling contemporary urban reality.

2000 | Digital Video | Color | Sound | 58 minutes

All credits: Jon Jost

Shown at: Rotterdam 2000, broadcast on RAI ARTE (Italy)