Oui Non is simultaneously a fictional narrative, a simple boy-meets-girl story, which is also a critique of the fictional narrative form. It is the confrontation of the falsity of fiction - the story which reveals in a certain order, which conveys a sense of an order to life, colliding with the reality of life: that life is a disordered mess about which the only narrative certainty is that it will end in death.

Oui Non plays with this, makes homage to many things Parisian, from Eugene Atget, to Degas and Lautrec, to Monet and Manet, to French films, to the mythos of Parisian romance, and along the way is trapped in its own real reality in which the narrative story imposed collapsed in the face of the lives of its actors and maker. It is a romantic comedy which is really a tragedy.

2001 | miniDV | Color | Sound | 110 minutes

Concept, script, direction, camera, edit, graphics, sound, music manipulation : Jon Jost

Shown at: Rotterdam, Yamagata, Jeonju