Canyon is in effect a re-make of a film I shot in 1970 in 16mm, which ran 5 minutes. It was a look down into the Canyon for a full day, made from a sequence of shots, taken from the same viewpoint, Yavapi, dissolved one to the next. This version is in HD and takes advantage of the improved definition, and the release for certain constraints which 16mm imposed – technical and financial. Here the limits of time, cost, and the improved aesthetic quality allowed for another approach, though again the work is from a single vantage point – it is subtler and more in keeping with the nature of the canyon and its pacing. I also made a shorter version for those unable to adjust to a hint of the canyon’s “sense of time” – the short version is 24 minutes long.

2013 | Grand Canyon, AZ | HD Video | Color | Silent | 76 minutes

Camera, edit, and concept : Jon Jost