A detective fiction mixed with an essay-documentary about Los Angeles, Hollywood and the film industry, Angel City is a satiric comedy with serious intentions. Lead character, Frank Goya (Glaudini) is hired by conglomerate media mogul, Pierce del Rue, to investigate the death of his young wife; Goya traverses Hollywood and finds it is del Rue who did it and is using him as a cover.

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1976 | 16mm | Color | Sound | 76 minutes

Producer, writer, director, editor cinematographer : Jon Jost

With: Bob Glaudini, Winifred Golden, Roger Ruffin, Kathleen Kramer, Mark Brown

Shown at Edinburgh Festival 1977; Berlin 1978; Sydney, Toronto, L'Age d'Or (Brussels), Florence 1979

In the collections of Freunde der Deutschen Kinemathek (FdK), British Film Institute (BFI), Australian Film Institute, Portuguese Film Archive.

Broadcast by UK’s Channel Four, 1981





"Rarely has the city been used to such effect as in Angel City, a 1976 film made by the 34 year old experimental filmmaker Jon Jost. Jost works light-years away from the movie mainstream but he clearly knows the Hollywood standards which he mocks so mercilessly in this brightly funny and extremely inventive film made for a phenomenal $6000."

- Martha DuBose, Sydney Morning Herald

"Jost's outsider is Frank Goya, a guy with a red shirt, a far-fucking-out-in-the-morning-man delivery, and a fist full of Polaroid snapshots. Ever-cool Goya peers into the camera, announces that he's a motel-haunting divorce-dick and from then on Angel City is kabuki Raymond Chandler. Hired by the chairman of the world's largest multi-national conglomerate to investigate the death of his wife (a former Plaything centerfold who only "came after you hit her"), Goya drives around LA, interviews a bartender, is seduced by the chairman's mistress, solves the case, and gets beat up for his bother."

- Jim Hoberman, Village Voice

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